Free services on the web

Image, if you will, that I have an idea of a game and wish to make money from it.  In those bygone days, I could: start a company and manufacture that game, or licence it to another company to sell.  Those would be my possible business models.  Today though, I have more options then those traditional avenues.

I can also:

1) Start an Internet site and charge per use

2) Start and Internet site and charge for a membership with unlimited use

3) Start an internet site and charge for special services or products with in the game

4) I can charge advertisers to place banner ads on my site adjusting the cost based on usage

5) I can charge advertisers to embed their ads inside the game in a variety of subtle or overt ways adjusting the cost based on usage

6) I can partner my service as content to another site which is trying to increase its usage

7) I can embed my game in other sites to drive users to mine

8) I can do number 6 and 7 simultaneously

9) I can track and sell the profile information of my users to direct marketers.

10) I can sell to users other related products based on the profiles I acquire

11) I can change my business plan to fluctuate between these options

10) I can combine many of these options together either all at once or gradually

11) I can wait to be bought out by Google or some other such company

There are lots of ways to make money, even if the game is free.  Now not everyone likes games, but what is also growing is social media tools for educational purposes; the same business models apply.  Still think that App is free?  Are we delivering our students as a captive targeted audience?  

Pause to consider



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