Tucker’s Rules for using Social media

Below is a list of 8 rules / laws that we use as norms to guide out use of social media in my class.  IT forms the base of our digital citizenship.  If anyone has a suggestion or improvement please leave it in the comments section:
Tucker’s 8 laws of using Social Media or the Internet
1.  Always tell the truth, but be careful telling who you are

2. Remember that unless you pay for the service, you are not their customer –you are likely to be the product (except for Wikipedia.org); even if you pay, there is no guarantee that you are their only customer.
3. Try to be as public as possible; visibility is a trap only if you are doing something wrong; it is a guardian if you aren’t.
4.  If you can see them; they can see you…and so can others (even your parents / teachers)…ALWAYS AND FOREVER
5.  Have something to say, or keep reading…
6.  Don’t cause trouble; it invites trouble.

7.  If trouble comes to your door, get another house.
8.  Get help (parents / teachers) when you need it; whenever you need it; whatever you need it for!  The real world doesn’t disappear just because you close your eyes…get help early; get help often.



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